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Cupcake Cab Sauv. 2009

A nice bright nose of fresh scents with an earthy backbone coupled with red licorice and pine needles

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De Bortoli Vat 8 Shiraz 2008 

A nice bouquet of eucalyptus, cool menthol and black licorice.  A mouth of young plum..... 
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Sokol Blossor Evolution

Pineapple and mild citrus notes with a buttery backbone.  A small amount of effervescence 
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Cono Sur Viognier 2009
A perfumey nose that gives initial floral punches followed swiftly by tropical fruits like pineapple and tangy mango

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Peppered Steak & Lemon Prawns

A low fat high flavour meal that pairs well with medium cabs.  Want to read more.....


Prosciutto wrapped melon

Great for a tasting menu or posh cocktail party.  Want to read more.....

French Toast with Maple Syrup

A great breakfast dish that can also make for a fun dinner meal.  Perfect with a mimosa!

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Homemade BBQ Burgers

An easy alternative to packaged burgers.  Ready in minutes.  Want to read more.....


Honey Grapefruit Salad Dressing

Make your own tasty dressing in minutes Want to read more.....



Helping or hurting the wine service experience

            The cork has long been the traditional wine closure, but in recent years the problems with cork have been the reason for new research and development of alternative closures.  Amongst the contenders, the screw-top is reigning superior and beginning to take over a majority of bottles; some critics estimate that screw-tops will outnumber corks within 10 years.  As this revolution takes place are any of us aware how this is affecting the wine service experience?

          By understanding the consumer preferences and the direction of the industry we can make suggestions about the strategic alternatives that will present themselves to the manufacturers (wineries) and the end users (restaurants and individuals at home).  As we discuss, the ripple effects of the screw-top will become visible: in customer spending habits and in the way retailers begin to tailor and market their product.

            The screw-top wine changes the service experience for customers at home and in restaurant dining.  The cork closure engages the consumer with a larger experience.  Both closures have their strengths and weaknesses – making screw-tops more suitable to drink now style wines ad corks more suitable for wines that have the potential to age. 

            Inevitably this will lead to changes in the wine environment: the Millennial generation (an already strong consumer group) are more accepting of alternative packaging, cork closure offerings will continue to disappear, at the same time corks will become a signal of a premium and ageable wine and restaurants will begin to tweak their wine offerings – tailoring their menus towards the type of wine experience their customers expect.



Wine Trends Coming in 2013

What’s in store for wine consumption this year?  There is a lot to look forward to if you are a consumer here in B.C. and Canada.  The wine imports coming into Canada are more diverse than ever, so be prepared for another year of import wine variety and lots of new catchy names and labels from some of the bigger wine houses.

Well, buying patterns show that a few more varietals have hit the mainstream and are gaining popularity with consumers; look at the success of the Malbec grape over the past year.  The Malbec varietal has carved out its’ own niche in the market as a single varietal showcase wine and just continues to gain momentum.   

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