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     Andrea Pollock was born in Georgetown, Ontario on July 8th, 1980.  She spent most of her life close to her home town and then travelled a mere thirty minutes away to complete her bachelor of science at the University of Guelph after highschool.  It was here that Andrea began her love affair with wine and food - transferring programs and entering into the bachelor of commerce Hotel and Food Administration (HAFA) program as it was known at the time.  These days HAFA is known as the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, and is a specialized degree that focuses on the hospitality industry and the financial, logistic and managerial aspects that are unique to this industry.  Following her graduation Andrea consulted on a number of new restaurant openings and revamp projects that handled a variety of tasks including; product sourcing, menu planning, staff training and kitchen layout and design.

     A few years later Andrea took a series of sales positions with GFS Canada and Andrew Peller Limited.  It was while working with the APL winery group that Andrea heard about a specialty Masters Degree being offered through the University of Guelph and applied to get in.  She graduated in 2009 with her MBA in Hospitality & Tourism through the 3 year executive program.  Andrea graduated at the top of her class and was also a Dorothy Britton Memorial Award winner.



     BY MAIL:  412 8th Avenue East

                    Prince Rupert, B.C.

                    V8J 2M8

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